HemoClin Can 47g (with applicator)

  • Instant relief from haemorrhoids, fissures and anal discomforts
  • Soothing gel to support the natural healing process
  • Clean and comfortable dosage form with applicator for internal and external
  • Safe to use

HemoClin® Can comes in a clean and innovative aerosol to provide the most convenient application for the treatment of heamorrhoids.


HemoClin® treats anal discomforts and is used to relieve the symptoms of irritation, itching, burning and sensitivity associated with haemorrhoids. HemoClin® both prevents and treats anal discomforts. Haemorrhoids and other anal discomforts are frequently found during pregnancy and after childbirth


Hemoclin® is effective in the prevention and treatment of anal discomforts such as itching, irritation, burning and sensitivity.


HemoClin® gel provides relief from piles, fissures and anal discomforts. Contains patented 2QR complex ectracted from Aloe Vera. HemoClin® creates a physical barrier that blocks bacteria and supports natural healing of haemorrhoids. HemoClin® also provides strong lubrication to reduce discomforts during toilet vistis.


HemoClin® does not contain any harsh-toxic chemicals. There are no known side effects during the us.uage of HemoClin®.

HemoClin® is a medical device Class IIa. Read the leaflet before using the product.


For treatment of anal discomforts (i.e. irritation, itching, burning, sensitivity):

Watch instructional video (add video HemoClin Can)


Apply in and around the affected area using the applicator at least twice per day in ample quantity for a period of two weeks or whenever relief is desired. More frequent application increases the effectiveness.


For prevention of (internal and external) haemorrhoids and fissures:

Apply in and around the anus before and after each bowel movement.

Hemoclin® should not be used for longer than 30 continuous days in one treatment period.

To apply HemoClin® follow the instructions as seen in the illustrations below:

Instructions for use

  • 1. Place the aerosol can firmly on a table or flat surface.
  • 2. While holding the can firmly press down the blue part (B) (you hear a hissing sound) until you see a ring appearing on the white part (A). Generally this will take 2 seconds. You will notice the white part (A) has automatically moved upward. The applicator is now fully charged and ready to use.
  • 3. Pull the applicator parts out of the holder (part C).
  • 4. Insert the applicator parts (A+B) into the back passage.
  • 5. After you inserted the blue part (B) into the back passage, press down the white part (A) releasing the HemoClin® Cool gel into the affected area. After treatment: After each usage wash the 2 parts of the applicator separately with warm water. Wipe clean part C. Restore the applicator into the cleaned part C and close it with the cap.

Most frequent questions

A combination of hygiene and topical treatment is key.

Hygiene: be gentle when wiping after each bowel movement, so as not to damage the haemorrhoidal tissue. You can either only use HemoClin Wipes, or use regular toilet paper first, followed by a final clean with HemoClin Wipes. Clean the anal area regularly with a gentle stream of water (do not use soap or scented cleaning agents). Avoid scratching, which could damage skin and worsen the condition. Push the flabby haemorrhoid(s) gently back inside.

Treatment: use HemoClin Original, Tube or Spray to treat (and prevent) anal discomfort and haemorrhoids.

The best way to prevent haemorrhoids, and to prevent them from re-occurring, is a healthy lifestyle with a good mix of (fibrous) nutrition and exercise, regular toilet habits and personal hygiene.

Nutrition: increase your fibre intake. Eat sufficient grains, fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of fluid (no alcohol) – recommended are 1.5-2 litres a day.

Exercise: exercise daily and aim for a healthy weight as obesity may increase the risk of haemorrhoids.

Toilet habits: avoid straining while attempting to defecate and avoid laxatives as they can aggravate haemorrhoids. Spend as little time as possible on the toilet, but at the same time do not rush your natural needs. Go to the toilet regularly and do not not to hold it in. This could result in constipation, causing you to exert more pressure.

Personal hygiene: using regular toilet paper, wipe the anal area gently but thoroughly – front to back – after each bowel movement. In addition, you may use moist wipes designed for adult bathroom use or baby wipes. If you have already developed haemorrhoids, we advise you use HemoClin Wipes.

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